Facts about Silicosis

Young people in their thirties and even in their twenties are diagnosed with this disease.
Exposure to crystalline silica dust can cause development of silicosis.
This can then in turn cause fatal lung diseases.
Around more than 15000 people have died of Silicosis just in the United States alone
More than two hundred humans just in the U.S.A. dies of this lung cancer disease every year and several hundred become disabled each single year.
Harsh Fact about silica is that the disease is not curable at this point in time but it can be prevented with the right precautions.

For Example:
Replace silica materials with substitute materials whenever possible
Removing dust from clothing on a regular basis
Changing into clean clothes before leaving work premises
Using water spray to control dust exposure
Only using washable or disposable clothing
Don’t eat,drink or smoke when working in areas where silica dust is present

Have a look at the following video to get more information